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Christmas Dogs 2014

Here are Winston and Sadie in their annual Christmas pose.

dogs christmas 2014


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Playful Dogs

Sadie loves her life-size dog toy!



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Winnie’s Independence Day

Winnie is happier than I can remember! It’s been so long since he was this playful – running around with an actual smile! He can finally “flop” over (his fav thing) again without that donut around his neck. We are so happy he is feeling this good after the surgery! It is truly an Independence Day celebration around here!



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Look, Mama…

…I got my stitches out and don’t know what to do without that donut around my neck!!


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Winnie’s Surgery: A Success!

Three bladder stones and a cyst on the cheek removed successfully! He was a “model patient” at the vet hospital. Overnight was painful for him, but today he is eating so we are happy with his progress. Because he didn’t eat last night, he didn’t get his insulin last night, either, which had us worried. We are monitoring him closely and can’t wait for 14 days of cone-wearing to fly by.



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Winnie Health Update: BETTER!


Winnie had his two-week follow up to check his blood sugars since being diagnosed with diabetes. He has gained almost a pound and isn’t as lethargic. But his sugar level was still too high at 340, so they increased his units of insulin from 6 to 7. My lucky number is 7, and apparently it’s Winnie’s, too! He is bouncing and running and playing with Sadie like old times. Thank goodness!! Now his bladder stone surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I know he will feel so much better once those 3 stones are removed!

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Snow Play



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