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RIP My Beloved Sir Winston

Rest in peace, my beloved baby boy Winnie. You brought joy to so many of us. No more will you suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, or blindness. No little man should have had it so rough at only 9 years old, but you were a trooper!

Run, be free and play with Zack and Jack in your little Schnauzer pack.
I will see you over the rainbow one day again.




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Feeling the void

Here are Winston and Sadie, consoling each other after the loss of Zack. I am so glad they have each other, because it really hit Winston hard when Zacky didn’t come home.


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In Memory of Zack

Zack moved on to Heaven’s Pastures on September 5, 2012. It is difficult to write this, but this was his Schnauzer blog as much as Winston’s. He is running now like a puppy with wings, and he will live on always in our hearts. Here is a picture of the first day we adopted him, and a picture of his last smile. We miss you, Mr. Man Zack.



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