Arthritis – Really?

IMG_7157-2IMG_7154-0Ever since his bladder surgery last spring, Winnie hasn’t been able to get around very well. His hind legs have kept him from climbing stairs or running around with his Sadie pup. We finally asked the vet for help, knowing it would probably impact our pocketbook – and it did.

Deramaxx is the miracle drug for his arthritis – and it really works well! He is acting like a puppy – and we haven’t seen that in a few years! He is very happy again, and so are we! Welcome back, little Win.



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Before ‘N’ After

Someone got all cleaned up and handsome in his summer cut! It’s too bad the clippers can’t remove the camera shyness! What *IS* it about getting his picture taken that makes him act so shy?

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Thanks, I’m better now! -love, Winnie


Hi all! Mama said you were concerned about me, so I wanted to let you know I’m stabilized on my insulin & new special diet. The bladder stones are gone, the stitches out, and Mama & Daddy will spend $70 a month from now on for my new kibble. No more carrots or doggie treats, but that’s ok. I’m back to running around all happy and goofy on the farm, but still shy about having my picture taken. I’m even barking at my shadow again – Mama hasn’t heard me bark much through the illness, so she seems happy about that. See how Schnauzer-esque I am?
Thanks for stopping by!

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Winnie’s Independence Day

Winnie is happier than I can remember! It’s been so long since he was this playful – running around with an actual smile! He can finally “flop” over (his fav thing) again without that donut around his neck. We are so happy he is feeling this good after the surgery! It is truly an Independence Day celebration around here!



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Look, Mama…

…I got my stitches out and don’t know what to do without that donut around my neck!!


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Winnie’s Checkup

He had his sutures checked, and they weren’t doing as well as the vet had hoped, so now he is back on antibiotics. He’s acting happier and likes going outside, although not peeing as much as he did before the surgery. It used to be every few hours round the clock; now he is sleeping through the night! Yay! I’m looking forward to Thursday and getting his stitches out!



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Winnie’s New Donut

Winnie went to his vet check today, as a follow-up to his ER visit last night. They took pity on our duct tape modification of the cone collar (photo #2), and gave him an inflatable collar (photo #1). Can you hear him snoring? Now he is actually getting the rest he needs to heal! (Secretly, I think one of these would be comfy for my own neck!) The vet said he will be fine, the stitches seeping is normal, and it will do this for 3-5 more days. As long as he is peeing (and he is), he should be fine. We go back in 4 days for a recheck.




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