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They may not be Schnauzers, but…

…we still have dogs! We are grateful to all our Schnauzer fans for following the lives of Winston and Zack. So if you want some more doggy love, we still have dogs!

Sadie is our rescue shepherd-mix and Sammy is our rescue Chiweenie pup. They are the center of our universe (the way it SHOULD be, right?) and you can meet them and follow their crazy antics online:  Blog | Twitter | FacebookVine.

We look forward to seeing you around the dog farm! 🙂




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Playful Dogs

Sadie loves her life-size dog toy!



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Let me introduce the love of my life, our older schnauzer, Jack.

He was supposedly a little old, but we knew when he came with a dental estimate [his teeth were rotting] that he must be older.

We got him around November of 2005; I rescued him from the pound in Dublin, CA.

In the two short years he blessed our life, we spoiled him rotten. He had it good. He cost us about $4,000 in vet bills, but he was in the best health and had the best life his little pea brain could dream of.

He survived bladder stone surgery and three dental surgeries, with the third dental surgery taking the remainder of his teeth…you would have never known he had nuthin’ but gums!

He was pretty much deaf, and pretty much blind, but he followed me EVERYwhere, so faithfully! He went with me to the office, on errands, anywhere I could take him.

When the vet said he was definitely older than she first thought, and that we should be prepared because he was getting near the end, we bought our Toy Schnauzer, Winston. We wanted him to know Jack and learn from him while he could.

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