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They may not be Schnauzers, but…

…we still have dogs! We are grateful to all our Schnauzer fans for following the lives of Winston and Zack. So if you want some more doggy love, we still have dogs!

Sadie is our rescue shepherd-mix and Sammy is our rescue Chiweenie pup. They are the center of our universe (the way it SHOULD be, right?) and you can meet them and follow their crazy antics online:  Blog | Twitter | FacebookVine.

We look forward to seeing you around the dog farm! 🙂




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RIP My Beloved Sir Winston

Rest in peace, my beloved baby boy Winnie. You brought joy to so many of us. No more will you suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, or blindness. No little man should have had it so rough at only 9 years old, but you were a trooper!

Run, be free and play with Zack and Jack in your little Schnauzer pack.
I will see you over the rainbow one day again.



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Totally Blind Baby

Well, Winston is fully blind now. It took only about a month, but the vet said it wouldn’t be long after the first eye went blind. My poor baby.


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Playful Dogs

Sadie loves her life-size dog toy!



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Handsome Winston

Someone turns 9 on Thanksgiving Day, so he got groomed and bathed for the event!



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Love is Blind…in the Left Eye

“…and the right eye is nearly blind, too,” the Vet told us today about Winston.


It came on just over night, it seemed. The diabetes most likely is the cause.

He turns 9 next week. Based on the seizures, the diabetes, the arthritis and now blindness, I guess that’s the right amount of health issues, in ‘dog years.’

My poor little baby.🐾


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Arthritis – Really?

IMG_7157-2IMG_7154-0Ever since his bladder surgery last spring, Winnie hasn’t been able to get around very well. His hind legs have kept him from climbing stairs or running around with his Sadie pup. We finally asked the vet for help, knowing it would probably impact our pocketbook – and it did.

Deramaxx is the miracle drug for his arthritis – and it really works well! He is acting like a puppy – and we haven’t seen that in a few years! He is very happy again, and so are we! Welcome back, little Win.


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