About the Dog Lover


Kristi Young is a published children’s book author and an artist who lives in Eastern Washington. She adores her dogs and spoils them rotten!

The image of the puppy used in the header of this blog is her precious Toy Schnauzer – Winston – when he was about 4 months old. Cute, huh? That’s also him [full grown] in the photo with Kristi.


One response to “About the Dog Lover

  1. Hello Kristi,

    We are now following eachother on twitter. However, I just registered and can’t seem to find the option to send a private message. I am a Schnauzer lover too. Yours are so cute.

    I have immortalized my favorite dog, by incorporating him into my business, making children’s lunchboxes with toys inside.

    I see that you are a published children’s book author and artist. I have two unpublished books of verse, based my lunchbox characters. I have looked into children’s publishing and it seems almost impossible to get published.

    I did some very DIY self-publishing of the two books but have not had much opportunity to get them “out there” but they sold fairly well at a holiday boutique, a few years back.

    I would appreciate any advice you might have about getting my books to the children who would enjoy them. I know that self-publishing companies cost quite a bit of money and you take a huge chance. So I have focused mainly on the lunchboxes.

    Thanks so much and be well,
    Chaya Bush

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