Love is Blind…in the Left Eye

“…and the right eye is nearly blind, too,” the Vet told us today about Winston.


It came on just over night, it seemed. The diabetes most likely is the cause.

He turns 9 next week. Based on the seizures, the diabetes, the arthritis and now blindness, I guess that’s the right amount of health issues, in ‘dog years.’

My poor little baby.🐾



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2 responses to “Love is Blind…in the Left Eye

  1. Poor baby. Dogs bounce back though. My dog is deaf and you would never know it. Xoxoxo

  2. Our baby, Buster, was 16 when he went blind. We had to carry him outside everytime he had to go. We did that for two years. What a trooper! You, too, Winston! Kissies!

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